Sevilla Vetro

Glass Stair Sevilla Vetro

The "Sevilla Vetro" is our version of "Sevilla Light" with glass steps. The stair is self supporting and comes with full stainless steel railing and spindles.

This open plan self supporting stair can be free standing in the room with two sides railing and turning upwards.


Steps/Treads: Glass

Banister: Stainless steel

Technical details:

  • Landings in glass
  • Floating stairs
  • straight, 1/4 or 1/2 spiral
  • Open, without risers
  • Treads 8x8x8mm glued glass 
    Treads with stainless steel bolts and acoustic insulation, mounted and/or anchored in the wall 
    External stair width 980mm
  • Banisters made of: stainless steel supports dm 34mm 5-7 pieces, main bar dm 10mm with clamp fitting
    Siller system attached to support
  • Round wooden handrail 42mm
    WOOD TYPE: Beech rustic floor boards end sealed  UV varnish
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