Modern stairs

What makes a stair modern? We would say it is a matter of taste, what do you think?

In our ongoing projects we are trying to combine our design ideas with yours, we assist you with our technical skills to create new stair designs. What ever is new does not have to be modern, right? Modern makes the choice of materials and design trends which are “in” at the moment. Siller is picking up these trends in the staircase industry and mixes it up with our philosophy of building stairs.

Stairs have to be light, a piece of art and inspiring. If you walk a stair from us we want you to have a floating feeling and a smile on your face. This is what we want to achieve. Stairs are more than a piece of architecture. Stairs are a central point in everybody’s live, even if the most people are not aware of it.

View our modern stair models:

Model: Mistral

Description: stair with structural glass railing and treads in wood, glass or concrete, available straight, curved, turned, with glass wall or railing

Projects: Miami , Nürnberg

Model: glass wall staircase

Description: Floating stair treads, staircase supported by glass walls on both sides or one side, structural glass can reach from floor to ceiling, from bottom to handrail height or hang from ceiling to lowest point of the treads, steps on wood and glass available,

Projects: Poltrona Frau, Miami , London , Cologne, Germany , Bern, Switzerland

Model: Sevilla Vetro

Description: Helical staircase with glass treads and stainless steel railing, also straight available

Projects: Saarbrücken , Garda


Model: Sky-Screw

Description: Spiral stair in all glass, means glass treads, curved glass railing and the central post also in glass, also available in concrete and wood

Projects: Regensburg

Model: Concrete-design

Description: Cantilevered staircase in concrete for residential and commercial projects, usable for interior and exterior

Projects: Oberursel , Nürnberg

Model: Londra

Description: Glass staircase with 100% glass, no steel or stainless steel hardware for structural support, treads in wood or glass,

Projects: London (coming soon)

Model: Melbourne

Description: String staircase with wood strings and glass railing, open plan, no risers, treads in wood or concrete, commercial or residential use, no visible hardware or joins, 

Projects: Deuerling



Model: Europa

Description: Cantilevered staircase, self supporting in conical or rectangular shape, wood, concrete, glass...

Projects: Merano , Sandnes

Model: Superior

Description: Steel staircase with strings, straight or curved, treads in glass, wood, steel or concrete, steel members powder coated or laquered

Projects: Garda Lake

Model: Fly

Description: self supporing staircase, curved, structural glass railings, treads in wood, glass or concrete

Projects: Surrey, UK , New York (coming soon)

Model: Pentagon

Description: Helical wood staircase made by hand, looks like a spine, also possible in concrete or glass, railing stainless steel or glass


Model: Faltwerk

Description: self supporting staircase in wood or concrete, railing in glass or wood or stainless stee, custom railings available


Model: Cobra

Description: Helical staircase for commercial and residential projects, treads wood, finish according to choice of client, bronce, silver, copper, gold...

Projects: Destin (Florida)



Model: Rio

Description: free standing, self-supporting glass stair, asymetric shape, industrial style,

Projects: Los Angeles


Model: Ghost

Description: Treads and wall in tempered and laminated glass, illuminated with LED lights, cantilevered glass treads

Projects: Frankfurt, GermanyFrankfurt


Model: Future-System

Description: Choice of wood or steel strings, laquered in RAL color, glass railing, available straight or with landing, RAL color to choice of client, 

Projects: New York



Model: Tornado

Description: Design-Spiral staircase as open or closed structure available, finish according to choice of client, for instance concrete, silver, good or bronze look..., light staircase with wood structure,

Projects: Benndorf (in progress)

Model: Cube

Description: Cubic glass stair for artistic accents

Projects: Monte Argetario (coming soon)

Model: Sciria modern

Description: Modern spiral staircase design with deversified treads, curved glass railing, all wood types available, finishing with stainless steel and glass possible; ;

Projects: Austria

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