Helical glass staircases

Helical glass stairs and curved stairs with structural glass railings are simply a piece of art. They are one of the most challenging tasks which a stair builder can enter into.

Curved glass railings as structural glass are difficult for the manufactury and for the installation. Only very skilled and talented people can work on such projects and finalize them.

With years of trial and error we have learned from our mistakes and can proudly say that we are now able to handle projects with helical glass stairs in all sizes, custom made for the residential and commercial sector.  Hereby we work closely with experienced glass engineers to provide the best possible service and quality to our clients.

You can combine the structural glass railings also with timer or concrete treads to change the look of the staircase. The replacement of usual strings with the glass is what makes the stair so special and impressive.

For other custom stairs with glass elements visit our photo gallery or browse the modern stair section where you can find all our standard stair types.







Our helical glass-stairs:

Model: Fly

Description: Structural glass stair for large entrance halls or living rooms; the stair turns upwards with two sides glass railing; treads in wood or glass; helical staircase; curved or segmented glass balustrade

Projects: Surrey, UK , New York (coming soon)


Model: Mistral Giant

Description: All glass staircase; helical shape, no central column; curved structural glass railings and glass treads; commercial staircase; curved glass staircase;

Projects: Castle Schwerin

Model: Sevilla Vetro helical

Description: Light glass staircase with glass treads and stainless steel railing as structural support; can be free standing in the room; turned staircase with glass elements; can be staight as well; helical staircase;

Projects: Saarbrücken


Model: Mistral curved

Description: curved structural glass; wood treads; one side wall, one side glass railing; available also straight or curved or helical, modern interior staircase; custom made design

Projects: Northampton, UK

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