Wood stairs

Wood stairs radiate warmth and nature!

Staircases made of wood .... anywhere! Exclusive wood stairs have their own charm and enhance the room with their look and scent! Stairs in wood go in any room and bring warmth, wellbeing and homeliness. And you can really feel wooden stairs ... for a life time!

Exclusive wood stairs and classic wood stairs can be found often in rustic interior design houses or traditional elegant houses. Especially the curved and winded wood stairs are very esthetic and charm ones eye. The stairs are custom made and handmade. Precision work and much experience are required from the craftsman to deliver the product with the highest quality.

Due to the long tradition from Siller with wood stairs we want to provide our national and international clients also the possebility to profit from this experience and supply stairs with the highest possible quality ... also to your home.








Our wood staircase models:

Model:  Faltwerk

Description: Staircase in FALTWERK look, closed with risers, thickness between 8cm and 12 cm depending on structural requirements, with glass railing or simple stainless steel handrail

Model: Melbourne

Description: String staircase with wood strings and glass railing, open plan, no risers, treads in wood or concrete, commercial or residential use

Projects: Deuerling

Model: Dubai

Description: Staircase open plan or closed with risers, strings in wood curved or straight, design balustrade with gold or silver elements

Model: Moskow

Description: Staircase closed with risers, strings in layer glued curved wood, design railing, custom balustrade in wood and stainless steel

Model: Venice

Description: String staircase, closed with risers, curved strings layer glued, traditional style of balustrade, posts and spindles in iron, design adjustable to customer requirements

Model: Sky-Screw wood

Description: Spiral wood staircase, all wood types, railing in curved glass

Model: Quebek

Description: Curved strings layer glued, balustrade and handrail finish and shape according to customer demand

Projects: Venice

Model: Pentagon

Description: Staircase handmade, central spine in curved shape, railing in stainless steel wood combination or in glass, shape can be adjusted to requirementsPentagon

Model: Amsterdam 

Description: Curved string staircase, open plan, no risers, railing in stainless steel wood combination, other railings available

Model: Future-System

Description: Choice of wood or steel strings, laquered in RAL color, glass railing, available straight or with landing

Projects: New York

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