Spiral stairs

Spiral stairs whether in wood, glass or concrete most important to us is coherently designs and the best available quality of materials and finishes.

Spiral glass stairs

The classic spiral stair with stainless steel central column can be finished with glass treads of course. Hereby the treads are either round at the side or angular, adjusted to the wall shape, if required.

Besides this well know spiral glass stair type we have designed something very special.

Our spiral staircase Sky-Screw is available as all-glass staircase and in wood and concrete. All of the options do not show steel elements. Usually the railing is curved glass, hanging from the ceiling. The exact shape of treads and finishing can be custom made to the requirements.

Spiral concrete stairs

Also the option as spiral staircase with concrete is amazing and shows in an ultra modern look. Spiral stairs in concrete do have a very special effect on the surrounding. The natural concrete is very cold but mixed with marble dust you can create warm impressions and it can be adjusted to all floor types and house styles.

Spiral wood stairs

The model Sky-Screw can also be finished in wood. Timber has an unreached natural character and it has a nativeness which no other material can reach.  Wood is the base of stair building art and after all the years stairs are being used in houses you can still create innovative and new design impressions in modern architecture with spiral stairs in wood.

Our spiral stair models:

Model: Tornado

Description: Design-Spiral staircase as open or closed structure available, finish according to choice of client, for instance concrete, silver, good or bronze look..., light staircase with wood structure,

Projects: Benndorf (in progress)

Model: Sciria modern

Description: Modern spiral staircase design with deversified treads, curved glass railing, all wood types available, finishing with stainless steel and glass possible; ;

Projects: Austria

Model:      Sciria
Type:        Spiral glass staircase
Style:       Spiral staircase, modern stair, glass stair, design stair

Key facts:

Spiral staircase with glass treads and stainless steel railing; railing in glass available; treads in sandblasted glass; acrylic treads possible; design railings ...details

Model:   Sky-Screw glass
Type:     Spiral glass stair
Syle:      modern stair, spiral stair, design stair, glass stair

Key facts: structural glass treads with laminated glass layers in different sizes, curved glass railing ...details

Model:   Sky-Screw concrete
Type:     spiral concrete stair
Style:     modern staircase, design stair, concrete stair

Key facts: Treads in concrete, all-concrete stair with "high-tech" concrete by Siller, variation with marble, railing in curved glass ...details

Model:  Sky-Screw wood
Type:    spiral wood stair
Style:    modern stair, design stair, spiral stair, wood stair

Key facts: Spiral wood staircase, all wood types, railing in curved glass ...details

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